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Default 3770K owners tempted to delid

I received two 3770K today. One of them I am tempted to de-lid because I feel it should then reach 5Ghz +. Currently it it will do 4.8 with 1.28v (less with droop under load). I have been running prime95 small ffts this evening at those clocks without issue... aside from the temps that is. Load temps are ~90C on the hottest cores. I am using an NH D-14.

I would like to know how many of you who own 3770k (or 3570k) have chosen to de-lid and what your thoughts are?

**I should mention the other 3770k will only do 4.6 with 1.28v. It runs cooler but does not like higher clocks even with added vcore up to 1.35v.

Thank you
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