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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'd think ideally that you'd want to be able to access a win8 htpc (I'm thinking windows because of tuner support) using an android tablet based solely on power consumption. That'd be pretty kickass though, you wouldn't need heavy processing power because you're not looking to stream to the tablet, just have a display that allows touchscreen/mouse access.
Those were my taughts too: Win8 on the trailer-puter, add a router to create a network, and use the tablet with TeamViewer to log into the Win8 HTPC. This simplifies the whole deal too, since I don't need BT nor wireless to be inbedded in the motherboard - any mitx board with a single PCI-E 1x slot would do.

Kev, thanks for your thoughts and knowledge regarding this, it seals the deal quite well. Time to search into a board repalcement for the Zotac model, and order everything. This is going to be great!

Originally Posted by odis172 View Post
Are you still looking for an amp? I'm using this with a 3.5mm output from a tablet to my 4 car speakers. It works great. The on/off of the amp is controlled by the blue wire, so hook that up to the 12v of the psu for power control.
Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.
I did find one (, but I didn't know Alpine made such small amps. Good to know if the selected model isn't up to par.
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