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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
I'd think ideally that you'd want to be able to access a win8 htpc (I'm thinking windows because of tuner support) using an android tablet based solely on power consumption. That'd be pretty kickass though, you wouldn't need heavy processing power because you're not looking to stream to the tablet, just have a display that allows touchscreen/mouse access.
No need of Win8 TBH, I scrapped my KB/Mouse connections to all my HTPC's, mind you 2 have remotes but I use a RDC or a simple media remote via the tablets. I have to say I have not looked back.

Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
"It's all in the Reflexes"-Jack Burton
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