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CrystalMark 2004R3 => 411934

CPU => 9.78 pts
CPU(Single Core) => 2.04 pts

PCMARK7 - 6140

Windows8 Experience Index - CPU 8.4

This is my first time using Windows8 for product review.
Hyper PI 32M is 30~40 sec faster and the other software also improved more or less.
The special part is Windows8 experience index break through the CPU 7.8 limitation in WIN7.
Also, Windows8 installed capacity is 10GB less than Windwos7. It?s a little faster than WIN7 in booting.
Booting screen is similar with tablet or smart phone, touch panel devices.
After entering main screen, the interface is almost same as Windows7.
However, there are some new features. As general users, it takes time to get used to the new interface.

DDR3 is USA CORSAIR Dominator Platinum series, CMD16GX3M4A2400C9.
The packing is very unique. It?s a 2 layers stack. Each layer consists of 4GB X 2.

Dominator Platinum is CORSAIR most high end DDR3 product line.
The heatsink quality and design are even better than Dominator GT series.
The picture is DDR3 2400 4GB X 4. The internet shows Dominator Platinum has launched DDR3 2800.

DDR3 top with white metal heatsink. I guess it?s the reason for naming Platinum.
It bundles with CORSAIR original DHX(Dual-path Heat eXchange) Cooling technology with better cooling ability.
After power on, the top of black heatsink will light blue-white. It makes quality even better.

DRAM Bandwidth Test
DDR3 2401 CL9 11-11-31 1T
ADIA64 Memory Read - 24658 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth - 28598 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 28481 MB/s

The test is running at DDR3 2400 1T and 4G X 4.
Z77X-UP7 4DIMM OC ability is quite good. The gap is not big between 2 and 4DIMM.

DDR3 2600.8 CL10 12-12-34 1T
ADIA64 Memory Read - 25760 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth -30088 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 28829 MB/s

DDR3 2667.8 CL11 12-12-35 1T
ADIA64 Memory Read - 25935 MB/s
Sandra Memory Bandwidth -30221 MB/s
MaXXMEM Memory-Copy - 29371 MB/s

After comparing three DDR3 clock, you can see the bandwidth is rising gradually from DDR3 2400 to 2666.
Even though Ivy Bridge structure bandwidth increasing range is not big, the extreme clock has improved a lot from Sandy Bridge.
As DDR3 OC, I think it?s more about memory quality, voltage, and CL tuning.
It takes time to find out the best CL and clock.
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