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My System Specs


I just "Drop down to a i7 920" from my last few rigs of a 3770k 3570k 1090t 8150 and 16core C32 and you know what.. they all feel the exact same. they all maxed out every game and load up fast and do everything without a single slow down.

The only time I see a difference in my 16core rig slows down if I forget to set node 8-15 to OS only and 0-7 for the game I'm playing. plus the 16 core can edit video's and music far faster then any of the others.

Stick with the 920 its damn good still. For me its the GPU that changes the game and a good SSD.

All my rigs run on high end SSD's Neutron GTX's are awesome. Cards wise I went from a 3870 x2 - 6870 - 6970 xfire and that runs great. in my gaming rig I run a 660ti OC and its bullet proof have zero issues with it and maxing games out.

Keep the CPU upgrade the GPU and hdd :)
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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