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He did retract the videos which included material from Techpowerup and HWC. There is so much I would like to say but I will just copy my statement from XS:

In all reality, I will be honest with everyone here since you all brought up good points. He did use our images but in the end I am NOT here to outright ruin the competition and deface someone's name. It probably would have been very easy to get our lawyer to draw up a letter and move from there before giving him the chance to set things right. No matter how much I hate what happened, I am a firm believer that the community as a whole should stick together through good times and bad. Rain or shine...and all that mumbo jumbo.

Lunging towards an open throat in a split second just isn't the way I roll and it never will be. 99.9999% of us reviewers and / or site owners are never the rich, successful people some people may think we are or how we WISH we were. So, going forward with financial retribution through legal routes just wasn't in the cards for the next 12 hours since I originally gave him 48 hours and he stuck to it. While I would never, ever do what Rodney did I gave him the chance to set things right and he did to a certain extent. If he wouldn't have stuck to that 48 hour deadline, w would be having a completely different conversation here.

What I am still waiting for is an apology and it is concerning that other sites seem to be in the same boat. So, we will see what the near future brings in the way of an apology and other discoveries of potential copyright infringement by 3DGameman. I know I am keeping my eyes WIDE open.