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hes already at 4.0 he wont get alot"any" more from any hyper 212 --

that said 4.0 is solid as hell for gaming like i said before.

it has 4cores 4 hyperthreads. and tons of bclock which helps alot.

not saying its faster than a oc sandy or ivy. but makes me wonder when anything better is relevant.

i should point at my sig- i have all 3 heavily oc on air -
My 5 Current Rigs-Guest-Main-Work/Spare-HTPC-Laptop
3770K@ 4.8GHz -Main
2500k @ 4.7GHz -work/Spare
3570K @ 4.5 -HTPC
MSI GT70-2OC/770m-998/4800MHz -Laptop
GPU's ("xfire"2x XFX290X@1150/1500"EKWB"|GIGAOC7970WF3@1250/1850|Asus480GTX@900/2000|
2xEvga260Core216's SLI in HTPC-Retired gpu's 9600ati|9800proATI|8800GTS"320mb&640mb"

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