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I want to thank KaptCrunch for the help. I've removed the dual boot and so far
everything seems to be fine. I did run into one problem which was the computer
hanging at bootup and this was because the "Data" Drive (D:) was the listed first
in the BIOS. I changed it to the "Home" drive and it's fine now. The "Home" drive
was "Ch 0" on the motherboard and I found this out by removing the SATA cables of
the two (250 GB) drives (one at a time) and rebooting. After it appeared to be
booting ok, I went into disk management and put drive (F:) on the music hard
drive. It now appears in "my computer". I haven't formatting the drive yet as I
ran out of time, but I shouldn't have any problems with that now.

So once again thanks for your help!
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