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My System Specs


I like this - powered straight from the PSU. Great!
Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
As per the scythe unit that runs off of 12V (the NCIX model actually has a molex connector for power) any of the small 12V amps like this one ( Lepai TRIPATH TA2020 Class T Mini Amp Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amplifier: Electronics ) could be powered by a molex connector and thus would be powered on by the PC power supply whenever you turned on the htpc. If you had the room you could even mount one to the outside of your HTPC case to address possible internal heat issues, all you would need would be to run a power connector from an internal 12V molex to the power input of the mini amp.
I've read the description a few times, and aside from the 3D aspect I don;t see what's different with the other cards?

Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
AVerMedia AVerTV Global - TV Tuners, Live IPTV Streaming Encoder, Video Capture Card, Media Player and Multimedia Products - AVer3D CaptureHD may solve all your problems as it accept HDMI in as well as everything else that you want.

With some of the cards that do FM or OTA TV you may have to get a manual switch between the two as I believe the one I linked only has one connection. Though how hard would it be to add in a source switch for those two?
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