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My System Specs


personally I do not see a need for LGA 2011, with PCI 3 x 8 on 2 cards you might get a 1-2% difference in speeds between the 3770k vs 3930k (read up on 8x vs 16x) and with a good overclock the 3770k will be more than enough to feed the cards or you can buy a board with an extra PLX chip if you're that concerned about 2 x pci 3 @ 16

As for board like i said previously either go with the UD5H or you can go with Maximus V whichever flavor suites your tastes better. I've always been one to say even if you have the money don't waste it on bells and whistles that don't even make a noticeable difference its way better to save the money for quicker upgrades or better peripherals. Getting LGA 2011 for your purposes is just a plain waste of money to boast e-peen and sport a small performance increase. UNLESS YOU'RE DOING VIDEO EDITING / VERY CPU HEAVY APPLICATIONS.

Consider starting a nice loop with your build it will provide you with ENDLESS amounts of entertainment and you can also customize the looks of your computer, it was the best part of building my comp for sure.
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