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Ok.....I'm getting closer I think.

After yakking with the local MG chemicals rep (momentive distributor) I have actually found a 2 part silicone they DO sell in 1 pint sizes.

RTV 567

Cost with shipping is over 600$.Not including primer.

Now I'm really not sure if this is the correct material or not.It seems like it'll work , but im unsure of it's mechanical properties/materials compatibility.....

From my reading it seems to me the ideal RTV would be RTV 511 but it's not available in the 1 pint size, AFAIK.....


3.0Charlie : I'm curious if there is a "sealant/adhesive expert" where you work that might be willing to answer a couple questions for me.


I'm going to look into the dow products in a bit more depth.I'll put up with a -80c limit if it's cheaper.

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