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My System Specs


I loaded ubuntu 64 bit and F@H 64 bit deb amd64. V7. said it installed and I entered all my data as per win7 install. HAHAHA I entered top in terminal and it said 789% I thought that was a factor of 10 so 79.8%. Thats what got me wondering about system performance etc. But I had a 3820 i7 installed and its a 8 core with hyper threading so 798 makes sense now. BUT i can't for life of me find the gui or where it is and where the F@H even got installed. I see the download and extraction files. As for gpu drivers I have done nothing...should i install a newer nvidia driver? To tell you the truth I have no idea which gui/desktop I am using, kde? gnome etc. Do you enter system-monitor in a terminal?


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