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Default Temporary screen corruption on Laptop

Hi all,

Today I woke up my Samsung QX411 from sleep mode to be treated to this, which luckily went away now Can someone enlighten me as to what this is and what I can do about it?

(If the picture doesn't load for you, what I see is horizontally, left 1/3 of the screen looks normal, the middle 1/3 of the screen is pure white (well as white as the display can render), and the right 1/3 of the screen is a bunch of vertical bars.

I first saw it in the Windows 8 OS, and it survived a "cold" boot. Obviously it's not OS because that's the BIOS screen being corrupted. One cold boot later, the display switched to another funky configuration, with the left and right side of the screen being the same, and the white still there:

When I tried to boot the OS into the state I had above, Windows 8 gave me one of those sad face BSODs, but obviously I couldn't read the error with the screen so messed up.

For now, as my joke in my sig states, I used the little shutdown button on the bottom of the laptop, and problems magically disappeared after the "full" shutdown + a visit to the BIOS screen + another shutdown. Also, Windows 8 boots normally again...

So what went wrong with this laptop, and what tests should I subject it to, if anything?

The configuration of the laptop is as follows:
Chassis: Samsung QX411 1366x768 14.1" screen
CPU: Core i5 2410M
RAM: 4GB (1x 4GB)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics + GeForce 525M (Optimus)
HDD: Seagate Momentus XT 320GB

(no peripherals were plugged into the laptop at the time)
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