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My System Specs

Default Building a HTPC for ... a travel trailer?

Yeah, you read right. I don't trust and dislike the sound from the crappy Lippert Touch Audio all-in-one DVD player / tuner. And since a car radio with a HDMI output does not exist, looks like I'll have to build a trailer-puter...

My requirements for the HTPC are fairly simple:

HDMI output for the 27" LCD
TV Tuner for the OTA HD channels (using the already-installed roof antenna - coax connector)
Radio Tuner without using the 'net
Onboard wireless would be a bonus
Sound amplifier

Here's where I'll need a hand: the Touch Audio package has an internal amp for the installed speakers. Knowing that the trailer-puter will not have any amplifier to power said speakers, what could I use (small form factor, please) to get some sound? As of now there are only 2 speakers in the main trailer section, and I will probably add an 8" low-power sub (there are more speakers located in the main room and outside, but I will not be using them).

Same goes for a stand-alone radio tuner, not using the 'net since most camping sites do not offer wireless signals. This could be part of the sound amplifier.

Any ideas? To give a rough idea, I've found this model for 700$... Concertone ZX800 DVD receiver at No thanks.
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