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My System Specs


Unless they changed things around, F@H SMP does not work on 32-bit Linux, so you may have gotten a 32-bit uniprocessor workunit. TOP should actually be reading the percentage of CPU use as # of CPUs * the actual usage, like 200% on a dual core or 400% on a quad. Which F@H client are you using?

There's also a GUI "System Monitor" that comes by default with a Ubuntu install which looks a lot like the task manager - it displays individual core usage.

I also had issues trying to get an nVidia 5xx working on Ubuntu - part of it is that it tries to load the open-source driver which is a disaster on that card: [Phoronix] Nouveau Re-Clocking, NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Drivers

Things work out better if you use the nVidia drivers. (Packages are nvidia-current-updates, nvidia-experimental-304, nvidia-experimental-310 for different versions of the drivers). Also I recommend trying different GUIs through LXDE (package is lubuntu-desktop), KDE (kubuntu-desktop), or Gnome3 (gnome-shell). You can select the GUI to use at the login screen if you have more than one installed.
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