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My System Specs


I took all your advice. I unplugged my win7 HDD and put an old 160 GB HDD into the case. Ubuntu installed no problem this time. I also removed the gtx580 and put an old gts450 in as well, just in case. So I now have ubuntu up and running. Thanks. I find it not that intuitive to use and hard to navigate. I installed F@H but cannot see it running. If i go to terminal and type "top" I see it and seems to be using 80% of the cpu. How can I monitor this? I also loaded up several if not many other apps to see temps fans etc. They all appeared to run and install in terminal but I still can't see them. I am a noob at this so bear with me. What am I doing wrong? I can use "sensors" in terminal to get cpu core temps, but not the rest of the info like MB vcore etc. One place makes it sound like you have to make folders insert links modify code etc. If thats the case, I can see why only a small percentage of people use this. I can use mozilla though. yippee.
thanks again it works, not sure what its doing but i have sound video internet.

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