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My System Specs


Desktop | Ubuntu

downloaded this the 64 bit version not the LTS.

Burnt it and tried to install, never got to a prtition window or anything. The desktop would appear then things went south. Not a clean install. But I am trying to put together a dedicated linux box, just haven't got all the parts yet. So I decided to "try" ubuntu from the dvd. Doesn't work. People said its the 580 and newer video drivers, so uninstalled the nvidia drivers. Still freezes up. Msg. "gpu lockup" then goes into "fbcon" messages but they all fail. I agree like windows always best to do clean install, but I haven't a spare blank HDD to do that. Was thinking about virtual box and try it there. Again a noobie at that and was scared off by may write over your HDD if incorrect choices made.


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