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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
Not going to happen, people are too busy complaining and spilling other win8 hate threads into ones where people are trying to be useful to those who did the migration.

Personally I like to use ObjectDock. I actually got rid of my start menu in windows 7 and started using a dock instead. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot, once you get used to the dock you'll quickly realise how horrible a start menu really is.

My buddy uses start8, and I have a couple of my employees that use retroui, they love it.

Seriously though, give a dock a shot. With some customization you can set it with whatever theme you want to use it with.

ObjectDock - Animated Dock for your Shortcuts and Widgets
I think you are a little off track in thinking people are raging on every thread about win8 and it is great that some of you are finding ways for other people to make win8 a little more usable for other people but you are hell bent on making people like win8 and or just don't understand the frustration that other people are having with the way it is set up for them .

You like using a tablet interface while many others don't so while you try and convince us we are wrong in thinking metro is unusable and ugly and we rebuttal with why we don't like it you take it as a personal attack which it is not. I think that is why so many threads get side track about win8.
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