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My System Specs

Default Linux ubuntu install beside win7

Downloaded the ubuntu 12:10 ISO
Burned the ISO to DVD
Wanted to install beside win7 so had choice on boot up. Then to play with or fold on.
Tried to do an demo run from dvd but eventually get "gpu lockup" screen fragments and basically freezes.
Then tried to roll back Nvidia drivers, and eventually ran no nvidia drivers still get the same msg.
I then tried Fedora. No msg. screen eventually freezes.
Both appear to get to installing a desktop but then fall apart. Freeze up

Should I try clean install only?
Should I try virtual box install?

x79 asus sabertooth
i7 3930
16 GB kingston 4 sticks of 4 gb
gtx 580 eVga
win 7 pro 64 bit
256 gb samsung 830 ssd
corsair 600t case

thx in advance

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