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Only way i find w8 tolerable is with the start8 installed i have it installed on my hope pc now just to get used to it for customers benefit otherwise i see no advantages over w7 other than better restart/boot times.

I refuse to have to type commands into a search every time i want to do something how do i explain that one to a 40+yo customer.

Also when i start my pc i want the desktop not some weird tablet thing it took me awhile just to find the shut down function.

I'm sure ill get used to it but heck let me get used to it don't, shove the new style right down our throats strait off the get go.

I'm speaking partially from the point of view of my customers as i will have to deal with their frustrations on a first hand basis personally i'm coping quite well with the changes but i still find them annoying and i cant say im in love with them or the new tablet start desktop which is now removed from my site when i boot.

i still feel w8 should have had 2 install types.. pc and tablet as options.
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