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I agree with some points from both of you.

Pricing wise the 7970 was competing with the 580 for about 6 months or so + 1 skymtl

But as most of us found out the moderatly clocked 7970 @ 925mhz almost certainly in all cases can run at 1100mhz without much of a hickup and most of all cards can run 1500mhz"mem" without issue , so why were they released at 1375? it never made any sense to me at all why they under performed their cards so much esp with a nvidia release on their heals. +1 luay.

Then the driver performance deal they had 6 months to iron out the kinks but only manage to do so months after getting their 925mhz stock clocked ect reference cards beat like a red headed step child by nvidias 680gtx with clocks that near its potential and more optimised driver's. only later to fix this issue and go.. see told you ours were better with the 12.11 drivers and the ghz edition cards releasing.

As far as the cpu side of things go they are coming along it would seem but amd is in dire need of die shrinks imho to compete in that market just financially not even performance wise i assume the later would come with the die shrinks myself.

I agree the ceo's seem to be exactly that "lame ducks" who respond to leading technology by trying to copy it.

They went after the compute industry of graphics cards like fly's to a pile of dung and it cost them in a way but now they have that technology there for the next gen if they wish to use it.

Right now the only thing AMD truely leads in esp in the public's eyes is on chip graphics unfortunately that side of the industry hasn't exactly cashed in.

I am hopeing the next amd/ati graphics card release is a pull all the stops type release run the card within 95% of its max potential and mature the drivers before release date. but its alot to hope for.

my 50cents.
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