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/sarcasm get magically get a menu tree and not that craptacular icon grid layout that no one really likes? WOW what a great hint.
....Just checked....
Nope. Still the same crap.

This is the problem with MS and fanbois. Anyone who doesnt think their latest and greatest is an improvement must be an idiot. Try using that layout when you have 50 - 60 programs installed...each with a couple icons each...hell try it will 30 installed and see how 'effecient' it is vs a menu Tree. :/

The grid layout and search option is crap for the desktop. Utter crap. I've been using PCs since Dos 2 days. Windows 8 is the closest modern replication of Windows 3 that I have ever seen....except Win 3 had more 'window' support and was less buggy. It was fun (not really) trying it but its being nuked and win 7 is being put back on. Thank god for technet as I would NOT pay for this garbage. Hell I would refuse to use it UNLESS was PAID to do so on a desktop.....tablet. Yes, its good. Smart even. Kill this crap with fire.
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