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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Its NOT the 'start' button we are pissed off about. Its the missing MENU hitting the start button brought up. For anyone with a lot of programs installed a FULL SCREEN interface with down right UGLY ass icons is not a solution. And NO remembering the names of the exe / app is NOT a solution. What this (modern equivalent) DOS with a fancy GUI BS that MS is pawning off on people is a major step backwards.

when you said that it got me thinking I read this some where and I did when I was reading up on Windows 3.0 Wiki. it reads just like what Win8 metro does, even kind looks like WIN 3.0

"programs File Manager and Program Manager in Windows 3.0, with the Program Manager taking on the role of the program menu. The Program Manager was a full windowed application, which required the whole screen to be used effectively. It consisted of a simple multiple document interface which allowed users to open "program groups" and then execute the shortcuts to programs contained within."
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