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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
... You don't get it. Use the new interface as your start menu it has all the same functions. You are right microsoft uses the start menu more and more every version, in W8 they made the start menu the size of your entire screen and jazzed it up with colours and live tiles. They made it more customizable than they ever have before.

If you want your start menu back there are free ones that you don't have to pay for. Which have been referenced earlier in this thread.

Your start menu still exists, you don't need a third party program. If you want a third party program to have your ugly less interesting and more difficult to use start menu back feel free to do it but why would you expect microsoft to take a step backwards?

Stop thinking of the new UI as just a touch interface, it isn't put anything and everything you could want from your start menu there you can link applications, folders and pretty much everything onto it. You don't even need to use the side swipes.

While I understand the start menu is a core function for you, it is not gone and you don't need a third party program.

Just a FYI M$ says it is a touch UI and I quote source

Windows 8 throws out design features familiar to Windows users since 1995, swapping in simpler, bolder interfaces designed to be operated using a touch screen. The release of the Surface, a device somewhere between a tablet and laptop, also sees Microsoft break its tradition of leaving the building of hardware to other companies.
I am not saying Win8 is horrible I am just saying it is not a smooth transition for most people or most desktop /laptop users if it was you wouldn't be able to do a google and come up with thousands of hits for people having trouble or how many third party start button programs ?? Win8 start button app
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