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People thought that the new era of processors today is 'New and powerfull' Truth is, they suck **** and ***. Not that I would expect any one to really make the comparisons, but, remember the Alpha processors? Now THAT was power. THrowing AND executing 4 instructions per cycle, and on 1 CPU with only core to boot. Intel cant do it right. And the IBM Power processors, well they kinda smoke Intel also. I wish Intel would make ONE really good processor, like, I remember my first PC, it was a 486 DX-66 LoLz. Chicken LoLz. Now, I have witnessed like...hmmmm....5 or six socket changes? And for what? everyone thinks that scaling up cpu speed is where uts at, ITS NOT, its scaling OUT. Like server farms and what nots. Personally, they can keep their their new architecture, I wanna pay someone to solder like ummm, 4 PCI 2.0 lanes on a umm quad processor mobo from Tyan LoooL. And that have like 64 GB of ddr1 ram, 4 P4 processors, and like 4 really old school quadro FX vid cards LoL
Tazers ranting out:P
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