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Would you still warn against using a vacuum cleaner to suck or blow or an air compressor machine to blow to remove dust? And how about the screen?

Hold the can perfectly upright and it shouldn't do that. Or just turn it upside down and spray the nearest person and give them frostbite

Depending on the laptop it's easy to pull off a few screws and remove the whole heatpipe / heatsink / fan combination, give it a good cleaning, then put new thermal paste on.
Well, it is a bit difficult to hold the can upright because the fan grill is horizontal, so either someone would have to hold the laptop in a 90 degree angle or I'll have to bend the straw but I get your point. :P

I can tell you it's a Packard Bell EasyNote TS11HR but I'm not sure I'm too fond of undoing screws and opening it up. And I think that the warranty is either 1 or 2 years so I would break the warranty. That and I don't own any thermal paste, nor have I ever tried applying some.

I'll third the previous two comments WRT going the extra mile by getting the case off. If you think of it, what you're going to do with a can of compressed air is blow the accumulated dust/crap further into your laptop. :)
Isn't it intented to blow the dust through the computer and out the other end?
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