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Default Need help with laptop maintenance

Hi all. I was gaming with some friends yesterday and I saw (and felt) that my 7 months old laptop reached 98 degrees C at maximum. That's not really optimal conditions for nor me neither the machine so I was thinking that perhaps it needs a dust clean.

I have two cans of "Fellowes Invertible Air Duster" laying around (something like this FellowesŪ - Pressurized Duster) but when I test it I see that it freezes up (and then quickly vaporizes) on the spot that I use it even after short bursts and I'm not sure I want to blow that into my pc in an effort to remove dust?

I've heard that I shouldn't use a vacuum cleaner due to static electricity build up. We do have an air compressor machine (what do you call it?) but laptops have many delicate parts and I wont risk ruining the fan and other components located at the air intake and and exhaust. It's quite powerful I can tell you.

The screen also needs a cleaning. I have a cloth that came with a pair of glasses, can I use that to remove dust or will it scratch my screen? What is the best way to do it?

Thank you for the help.
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