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Default Coolit Eco II 120, not mounting tight enough.

I have a Coolit ECO II 120 I received as a replacement for my Eco I and I recently took it off my system cause I didnt think it was performing well. I recently popped it back in to compared it with EVGA Superclock air cooler that I've been using for the last few months. I am now finding that its not mounting tight enough and thus the poor performance. I mounted it as tight as I could by hand and with a screw driver yet the thermal paste barely seems to spread. I would have to guess its like half a mm too short of mounting right. It makes contact with the cpu but just barely. Using MSI X58M motherboard. ECO II 120 is basically a Corsair H60.

Is it normal that it would sit a little bit high? Load temps are in the high 70's with hyperthreading disabled on my i7 960 @ 4.0ghz. It was low 60s on my EVGA superclock. Using the same fans in a push pull on either setup.
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