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My System Specs


This reminds me of doing video work back in the 90's. For those of you who are old enough to remember, Seagate had a few different types of SCSI drives back then (like long-haul for example) and one was specialized for AV work. Basically, the premise behind it was that since the drives at that time were only barely able to match the throughput required for high-res video work, if you were using anything else on the bus (especially things like a SCSI ROM drive, which might also be causing impedence due to the speed differential), you were most likely dropping frames. So Seagate came up with their AV series which guaranteed a sustained throughput that was able to meet the demands of video work without dropping frames... somewhat similar to provisioning the proper bandwith for voice on a VOIP network so that you don't have a crappy connection (I'm sure lots of you have heard examples of this when people don't allocate the proper bandwith). To me it looks like nVidia is doing a better job of prioritizing the frames in their products than AMD is... just my two cents.
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