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Default Chromebook

So my cousin who moved here from Korea for the next year or so will need a laptop soon I think.

I know she likes my MacBook Pro 13" but for her to spend that much on a laptop doesn't make sense. Looking around, the cheapest option seems to be to go with a Chromebook. A desktop isn't practical and she seems to be pretty picky about how her laptop will look.

Considering she's already probably heavily invested in the Google ecosystem with her previous android phone, and now Note II, I thought what about a Chromebook?

They are cheap, and she isn't a power user by any means. My only question is, what kind of compatibility does this mean for various programs?

How does the Chromebook fare when used for the following?:

word processing/spreadsheets
web browsing (obviously) + videos

I can't think of anything else she would be doing...

Has anyone used one of these things? How is the battery life, weight, etc? How does it compare? How is the trackpad?

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