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Default need advise, mostly for PSU

Hello canuckers
I am soon going to get an upgrade for my current rig, and the place where I am stuck at is for a PSU, I did find one which I have mentioned below, so, just have a look and please help :D

Device > Current > Upgrade
MOBO > MSI 760GM P21 > MSI 760GM P21
CPU > Phenom X2 560 > FX 8350
GPU > Asus GTX 550 Ti > MSI Twin Frozer 7950
RAM > Gskill Ripjaws 8GB[2x4] > G.Skill RipjawsX 16GB(2x8) [or I will keep the same ones]
HDD > 1TB Barracuda > It will be the same, ssd are out of my budget as of now
PSU > Seasonic 500W > Seasonic X650 80+ Gold, modular, 650W
Case > NZXT 210 Elite > will be the same, or incase I want a h100i, I will change the case

So thats there, the current PSU I have, I am not sure which series it belongs too, I couldnt find it on the sticker of the PSU. But yea, what do you guys think?

And yea I am sticking with 760G cuz I dont need any extra features that an 880ga or a 990fx will have, I wont be sli'ing/crossfiring, wont do multi displays, and I am not sure when my HDD will fill up[still waiting]
I am happy with 3 gbps SATA
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