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Originally Posted by Liu Kang View Post
I tried to shop at several times in the past, but was never able to find the parts I wanted or needed... that was several years ago. Now, the store is full of watercooling and mod products.

I can't tell you how happy I am to have a place in Canada that I can order from. Tons of bitspower fittings, including the "hard to find" 90 degree adapters, extenders, etc. Case mod materials now too! Screws, wire, sleeving kits, etc.

I must admit, Daz... you really stepped your game up and I appreciate it. We needed someone like you in Canada! Many thanks... or maybe you should be thanking me? I just sent you another $300 :)

AL aka Liu Kang
Thank you for words of support!

It takes time to build store's inventory if you are not a millionaire, but we slowly worked on building of our selection over past 4 years and it definitely improved since 2009. Many items are still in low quantities, but I think variety is over bulk, so I keep spreading my spoon of butter over long baguette :)
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