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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
I currently have a BFG EX-1200 powering my daily driver with a Xeon X5675, 2 GTX580's and a GTX460 - all overclocked to the tits. Under full folding load, the rig pulls about 1.1 kW from the wall. She's a beauty!

I bought this PSU from 3.0 a long time ago, so it's put in a good day's work to say the least.
That BFG was good, probably the pinnacle of Andysons designs, and had I had the cash at the time I would have bought it from 3.0.

The one that aced the rig I am rebuilding was not of the same pedigree. And as a result the client is now out his rig, and some components.


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