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nvm opendns did not slow down my internet it's just that I cleared my browser history.

That guide to turn off DNS prefetching is a little not applicable for my version of chrome but I'm guessing it's the "Predict network actions to improve page load performance" under privacy. (not that i'm complaining)

Maybe I'll try older drivers

edit1: nope disabling prefetching didnt work

edit2: Uninstalled drivers from device manager and let windows auto install some drivers it found, which I'm guessing are basically the same ones. Problem still exists

edit3: Might have just fixed the problem...... I switched to the other lan port on the motherboard and it seems to be all fine now? Further testing is required to confirm.

edit4: Nope nvm problem still exists

edit5: Problem seems to have magically gone away without me doing anything? I guess the problem might be intermittent now and I have no idea what to do....

edit6: Yes I'm quite sure the problem is intermittent now

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