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My System Specs


Well since I put the 32GB of ram in my system I have been using a ramdisk. At first I had ME3 loaded on it, then once I finished with that I put DA: Origins on it and now it has FarCry 3 on it. I have been using the one that I think is the best, at least for free, SoftPerfect RAM Disk. I have it set to an 18GB ram disk and with that and everything else I have going in the background I have about 8.5-9GB free out of the 32GB sitting at the desktop. Now I do not have it set to load on startup or anything as I just don't shut my machine off.

As for this Radeon RAMDisk, I do think that yes it is nice for them to offer something but I think it is just enough to get someone interested and move to another product. I have also thought about trying out some of the RAMcaching but for now I will stick with the one I have and just use it for a game or two at a time. Then again, I might have to load CS6 onto it just to see how fast it will start up.

And just as an example of different results people get from different software here are two results of mine. First is the SuperSpeed RamDisk 11 option using their free trial.

The second is using the SoftPerfect product I mentioned before and is free.

All in all, I think you did a decent job on the review and really I think that the only thing that could have added to it would have been comparisons to other ramdisk products. But either way thanks for the review and showing people some of the options they have for larger amounts of RAM.

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