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As I stated in the me a free version with TECH SUPPORT. 18 bucks is nothing. Most enthusiasts spend more on fans than that.

Ram Cache is short term storage. RD's are long term. Apples vs oranges. Plus exactly how would you allow for the skew it would introduce. ie "wow look that HDD hit speeds of 750MB/s...what an amazing hard drive."

To be clear: I would not opt for a RD over a SSD if I did not own the Ram. BUT if you already own the ram...why not? 18 bucks allows you to get some use out of it. This is why it did not get a DAM GOOD award, just a DGV.

To be frank, AMD should work out a deal with their board partners - like ASrock does - and include it FREE with all mobos over a certain price (say 150).
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