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Originally Posted by AkG
- Windows only
Why is this listed as a con when all other major desktop operating systems - Linux, Mac, FreeBSD - come with their own RAM disk implementation pre-baked? Actually, since RAM disk is both free and limitless in all other operating system, it could be considered a pro that the limited AMD/DataRAM solution is contained only to the Windows platform.

Nax posted this over at NCIX, so I'll leave it here too: 12 RAM Disk Software Benchmarked for Fastest Read and Write Speed ? Raymond.CC

Summary: The SoftPerfect RAM disk is faster, better and freer.

And, I hate to say it, but I agree completely with Ardric. Comparing a RAM disk to HDD and SSD is a bleak exercise in stating the nauseatingly obvious. The review would have benefited greatly from comparisons against RAM disk's only meaningful competitor - RAM cache. In fact, even a comparison against a handful of other freeware RAM disk options would have provided new and interesting information since most other previous comparisons (including the one I linked to above) rely only on synthetic benchmarks.

I would think that the only readers to walk away with new and interesting information from this review will be those with no or limited familiarity with RAM disks. That may be acceptable for most review sites but for better or for worse I've come to expect more of HWC. This review just seems like a lot of work went into it, but not a lot of thought. I'm sorry.
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