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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
That's pretty much how all "new" revisions go though. When we went to every new version of the OS people got uppity. If all else fails, they will do what they did with Vista and kind of ignore it happened and release something nearly identical that will just be better.

In short, Don't expect the modern UI to go away, Windows said we are changing our OS and that's that.

IF you don't like the new model of a car, go with a different car. Great thing about capitalism, you have options. And learning something new or learning how to adapt is never a bad thing. (Praying for a zombie apocalypse to prove my point lol)

Ummm no. That is NOT how it works. In previous versions you could opt OUT of the new look and feel. It was called classic mode. MS is trying to force this on everyone as they KNOW it is the only hope of doing it. It will fail as zero business will go for it....and if Win 9 is the same...then YES the free market will make a new product to replace MS Windows. Right now there is no option. It is a monopoly.

As for learn a new thing....why should I HAVE to? The new way is not better than the older in fact it is worse. Why would I want to learn to walk on my hands when my feet is a better solution? If the new way was better sure, I would change and adapt but it is not. It is made for TOUCH SCREENS not a kb and mouse. It is a failure and I hope MS loses bilions over their arrogance.
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