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What is the fuss? The Start screen is exactly where the Start Button was, in the lower left hand corner. How hard is that to remember? The start screen is bigger, brighter and way easier to navigate and customize than the kludge of start menus, taskbars and desktop icons.

As for the full-screen apps. You can take them or leave them. They are no different from any other application that hijacks a file association, and just as easily fixed. For some things, I like the clean simple full-screen UI. For others, I prefer all the bells and whistles of the corresponding desktop application. Or, I can have both.

I've been playing with the bizarre combination of keyboard, mouse and voice recognition to navigate Windows 8. Sometimes, it is simply faster to use a voice command, e.g., "Start Application", "Desktop", "Close that". The Google app has a Siri-like voice search feature.
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