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Originally Posted by Ardric View Post
You didn't even bother to test it. This review is silly IMHO.
Originally Posted by Ardric View Post
I can't think of a single good reason for a ramdisk on a PC that wouldn't end up slowing you down more often than speeding you up.
Originally Posted by Ardric View Post
I'm very arrogant and have crossed the line? Nevermind, I'll just show myself out then.
'Nuff said.

You want to discuss the merits of RD vs non-RD. Always willing to listen. Maybe next time you will try to get your point across without resorting to 'all or nothing' POVs.

Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
I used this site as a guide to set up a Ramcache.

How To Set Up a RamCache on ASUS X79 Series Motherboards..

Sure it was fast in benchmarks. Like 10 times faster than a Vertex 4 but in real world it was still just as fast as my SSD.

AKG do you recommend going RamDisk? I have a UPS. It would be for my main computer and I don't mind a bit of a wait on startup.

I may do it just as an experiment but not sure if it would be stable enough for 24/7 use.
RamDrives are not a silver bullet -thus the DGV and not DG award - but they do have their uses. Try the free version if you like what it does...go for it. It is less than a 5 large double-doubles. So not much down side IF you dont like it. Just leave 8GB for the OS. ;)
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