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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
I would agree with you tethlah BUT 'we' are paying for the privilege of being treated like 2 years "oh shiny big buttons that take up the full screen...i can just punch the screen! need to use the keyboard". MS is forcing this upgrade on people. IF it was an option (FFS give people 'classic' option..not that hard) people would not be "unreasonable'. As it stands I hope Win 8 FAILS and FAILS hard. Then when win 9 comes out it -and MS - will be more 'reasonable' in its demands.
That's pretty much how all "new" revisions go though. When we went to every new version of the OS people got uppity. If all else fails, they will do what they did with Vista and kind of ignore it happened and release something nearly identical that will just be better.

In short, Don't expect the modern UI to go away, Windows said we are changing our OS and that's that.

IF you don't like the new model of a car, go with a different car. Great thing about capitalism, you have options. And learning something new or learning how to adapt is never a bad thing. (Praying for a zombie apocalypse to prove my point lol)
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