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8GB for Windows 7 is the point of diminishing returns. After that most sits idle. Yes the OS fills it up with RamCache but that is a less than optimal solution as it is wrong just as often as it is 'right' on its guess. I personally have used RD since the Dos 2.0 days. Is it right for everyone? No. They are not a silver bullet. But simply waving your hand and saying 'RamBuffer does just as good" is not being fair and balanced. Nor is saying 'just run scripts'. This is a simple solution for the average joe. Expecting people to learn scripting just to save 18 dollars is about the same as saying "RTFM" to a new user.

The fact of the matter is anything loaded into the RamDrive is fast. First time, last time. It does NOT matter. You can not say the same for Buffering alogs. You can make a script all you want, but unless you have near infinite RAM it will not load it all into Ram...and will swap out as it sees fit. This is nearly plug and play simple.

It has become fashionable lately for people to spec 16GB or more RAM for their new system. A 8GB RD + 8GB for the OS is a better solution than buffering or scripting. You disagree. Fine. Its a free country. Thinking anyone who disagrees with you is 'silly' IMHO is very arrogant and crosses the line.
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