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Well, I strongly disagree, AkG. No drive operates without the benefit of buffer cache in the OS, whether it be spinny hard disks, SSD or ram drive. We compare SSD's to HD's without the benefit of buffer cache inflating the results because we know BOTH will be using RAM buffers; we're testing what the drives do in isolation. Take the RAM away from the system and dedicate it to a ramdisk for a certain app, and yes, you've nailed that app into RAM, but you've also starved every other app of the potential benefit of that RAM. Just put a cache preload script in your startup if you really want that 1st launch to be as fast as the 2nd. It'll still probably slow your boot down less than the ramdisk preload you need to do here, and you won't need to manually manage writes or do stupid sync operations every 5 min.

I don't even know why this is controversial. These ideas were argued out in the 70's and 80's on big iron, VM cache algorithms were written and tuned, research papers were written, and everyone patted themselves on the back for advancing computer science. DOS was braindead and didn't know how to handle RAM properly, but ever since MAC OS/X, Linux, or Windows NT/2000, I can't think of a single good reason for a ramdisk on a PC that wouldn't end up slowing you down more often than speeding you up.
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