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Thank you for your input Ardic. Unfortunately doing it the way you request is simply not possible. ANY drive's performance will be artificially boosted well beyond what you can realistically expect from them and introduce variables that would skew the results all over the place. More importantly this device is a medium and long term storage option...not a short term. What happens when you finish playing your game and go to load say Photoshop? Then a couple hours and GB's worth of data later go to play it again? OR decide to play a different game. OR put your system in sleep and then the next morning want to play the game? These are more realistic scenarios than playing a game. Stopping it and then immediately restarting it again.

Ramcache is an OK solution, but IMHO not even in the same league as even a SSD - let alone a RAMDrive.

YMMV and no one solution is going to be right for everyone.
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