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My System Specs


I do get it I just can't navigate it as easy as I could before and trying customize it mean I have to learn how to navigate it . my older laptop has winxp and its primary us for it is to monitor my gaming rig I can reach over and hit a button or move the mouse and have it do things because I am a custom to how it works. You have to see me trying to do anything on my win8 laptop its funny as hell . I am constantly dragging tiles around and often things pop up that I am not sure how I got it to do that, like I said it's about habit , I knew how to get things done with out even thinking now I have to work at just finding what I want ,yea after time I will figure it out but right now I don't have to time nor patients.

I don't expect M$ to take a step back rather I expect them not to leap over most of their users in favor of the tablet crowed..

When home computers came out more people preferred to use type writers to type documents because they didn't understand the computer. Did computer companies start selling type writers?
no they started selling printers
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