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My System Specs


JJThomp While I understand that loL is a core function to you it never has been part of windows , Microsoft uses the Start menu more in each version of Windows as a way to shield novice users from the complexities of the operating system and giving the user ease of use .

When you start your car you have a routine the manufacture knows this and wants to keep it simple so that you are not distracted and are able to operate your vehicle safely.. well the start button is kinda the same but it keeps you productive..

While I am all for change and innovation you still have to make it usable I have win8 on a laptop and find it frustrating with out a touch screen, maybe with a mouse it would be easier I don't know but trying to smash the corners with the touchpad is a pain and trying to find tabs I left open in a browser gets me so I forgot what I was looking for and for adding a third part program I have to pay for to make things easier for me is just about as silly as purchasing WMP, next thing you know they will be charging for device manager . so you see its not being lazy its about being efficient and not wanting to have to buy each piece of windows.

You mention beauty is in the eye of the beholder this is true and W8 is some ugly as far as the GUI goes the desktop is flat and grey and metro is just blue with squares that would be fine if it was my server but for my laptop I would prefer a little sunshine when I open it
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