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Originally Posted by snatchby View Post
@joelpack have you had problems with any of the leds on the logitech board? i was set to pick this one up then heard about all the troubles people are having with the leds not working after just a couple days.
I heard the same thing about the G710+, I haven't had any problems myself but some people said it could take upwards of a month to take effect. I have no idea what the failure rate is, but assuming the LEDs don't fail, it's the best out there to me (forgetting the $300 plus boards like the strike 7 that have screens).

When I bought the CM Trigger about 6 months ago I did a ton of research on all the gaming mechanicals out there, and in one way or another almost every gaming KB has some kind of flaw or potential failure. I assume it's because there's a lot more that can go wrong when you throw all these bells and whistles in. Personally though, my household has 4 mechanical keyboards and I haven't had a single failure or issue with any of them.
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