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Originally Posted by Bloodystumps View Post
How does a third party program ( League of Legends) become the same as a basic feature of windows since the start of Windows ?

I wouldn't call it stubborn but more like lack of patience , most people aren't going to keep smashing in keyboard short cuts till something works or buy a app to make windows start ??
Because I use that third party program 10x more than the start button LoL is a core function of my computer more so than the windows start up button.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Judging by the glut / popularity of start button replacements on the market there must be an awful lot of unimaginative folks out there. That fact alone is all the evidence that M$ should need to know that their vision of a metro enabled desktop is not a hit with a large portion of their customer base.

Sorry, but it should be up to the service provider to react to the wishes of their customer base, not up to the customer base to adjust to the provider's vision.
When home computers came out more people preferred to use type writers to type documents because they didn't understand the computer. Did computer companies start selling type writers?

Look things change sometimes people feel it is for the better (me) sometimes people disagree and feel like it is worse (you). At the end of the day W8 provides a much more streamlined and customizable experience. This is why many people use windows instead of a mac because they have more choices.

Overall beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just because you refuse to look and see it does not mean it isn't there. W8 is faster and more responsive than W7, sure it has some kinks but it is brand new and they will be ironed out. Your start menu is there in a different form, if you like to click the bottom left hand corner of your screen to bring it up you can, if you want to press the windows key to bring it up you can. If you don't want to use it at all you don't have to because there is a third party app for that.

The refusal to use windows 8 until they give you back your classic start menu is kind of silly, they gave you a better start menu and they gave you more options with it. The functionality is there it just looks different.
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