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Yea SSwilson i hid all the cables on the right of the pump the onlly cable i can see i can change is the Hard drive power cables.
I think i can route it from the back of the case but i was having problems closing the case ill try to slap some tape or something to make it more flush against the case i know see yer rig you have done a better job at routing cables then i did lol im just a noob at this but i found it alot easier on this case compared to my Thermaltake Matrix case for suure.

Ohh and P.s it would have been nice if Coolermaster sleeved the motherboard power connector you know that way it wouldnt stand out as much.

Ohhh and Just to let everyone know I FINALLLY have the front case panel sound working i couldnt get it working on my old Thermaltake Matrix case but the cosmos S comes with the Ac97 adapter and Hd adapter for Intel computers im guessing.
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