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Unhappy Shaw Fast, but something odd has popped up

I've been using Shaw for like the past decade probably and it has been basically perfect 24/7 except during service periods.

Now something odd has been happening for the past few months and I've talked to shaw, but not much help there so far.

Before: Open a bunch of youtube videos (possibly all 1080p) and I let them load so I can skip through it if it gets boring or something. So I might open another tab and just surf some automotive sites or while the videos are downloading.

Now: Open 1 or 2 youtube videos I can right click on the video, click show video infor and it says downloading at 19megabit/s (i have a 20megabit connection), which is fine and dandy.

Unfortunately my internet just TANKS. I can't load ANY pages and other computers/devices connected to the router can't load anything either(but remain connected to the router/internet). The weird thing is the videos just keeps on loading fine at fast speeds and then when it's done loading everything suddenly works again.

Things I've tried:

Connect directly to the modem=problem still exists
format my computer=problem still exists

Personally I think it's my modem causing me issues because it seems like my computer(correction seems like my other computers connected are fine so it's just mine) and router is fine and the only thing left is the modem unless it's just a problem at Shaw's end. Though I have no explanation why it would be my modem because I'm not very knowledgeable in anything too advanced.

What does everyone think?

Also I don't know if this is related, but you know how you can sign into your shaw account and view the bandwidth you've used? Well that hasn't worked for 1 or 2 years.... It's just blank and I've called shaw about that, but they just said something like "oh, that's odd" and then just basically disregarded it as an issue.

Shaw service has really gone downhill in the recent years. Very disappointed and a little upsetting because there are no other ISPs available in my area other than Telus, but I'm not ready to try Telus.

Anyways I hope so one can help me.


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